Management Team

Dr. Harry J. Maue, CFC, CFSA, CFE, CBM, BCFE

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Harry J. Maue, Stuart Maue’s Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, has over 30 years of experience in the field of claims and litigation management both nationally and internationally. He has been credited with creating the legal auditing industry and the profession of legal auditor. Dr. Maue began Stuart Maue in 1985, which according to The Wall Street Journal is the oldest legal auditing company. Dr. Maue has authored over 20 articles on legal fee auditing and legal fee cost control. He has been a featured speaker at over 25 seminars and conventions and has appeared on two national network television shows. Dr. Maue has also served as an adjunct professor for four years, teaching various courses in business and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Maue has received the following academic degrees: B.A., Upper Iowa University; B.S., University of Alabama; M.B.A., Southern Illinois University; J.D., University of San Gabriel College of Law; LL.M., University of Leicester, Faculty of Law; and Ph.D., Saint Louis University. Along with this academic background, Dr. Maue has received the following certifications: Board Certified Diplomat, American Board of Forensic Examiners; Certified Fraud Examiner, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners; Certified Diplomat, American Academy of Certified Consultants and Experts; Certified Business Manager, American Association of Business Management; Certified Financial Services Auditor, the Institute of Internal Auditors; Certified Forensic Consultant; Board Certified Forensic Examiner, American Board of Forensic Examiners, Certified Financial Services Auditor, the Institute of Internal Auditors; Certified Forensic Consultant; and Board Certified Forensic Examiner, American Board of Forensic Examiners.

Professional Affiliations

Dr. Maue holds memberships in the following organizations:

– Institute of Internal Auditors

– Association of Trial Lawyers of America

– The College of Master Advocates and Barristers

– The International Bar Association


James P. Quinn, M.S., CFE

President & Chief Operating Officer

James P. Quinn, Stuart Maue’s President and Chief Operating Officer, has been with Stuart Maue for over 25 years and has been President since 2009. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Quinn spent over ten years in the loss control and risk management industry. As President, Mr. Quinn is responsible for the daily operations of Stuart Maue. His leadership and industry knowledge have contributed to the overall growth of the organization, the implementation of technology solutions, and the development of new business opportunities and client relations. Mr. Quinn has received the following academic degrees: A.A.S., Saint Louis Community College; B.S., Maryville University; B.S., Central Missouri State University; and M.S., Central Missouri State University.

R. Craig Prosser, MBA, CPA, CFE

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Craig Prosser, Stuart Maue’s Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, has personally worked on 100 “legal audits” of law firms with aggregate fees and expenses of over $550 million. He has been with the company for over 25 years. Mr. Prosser was an Assistant State Auditor with the State of Georgia, responsible for auditing operating procedures and financial records of the state universities. He was previously responsible for the supervision of the forensic accounting portion of legal audits totaling more than $1 billion in fees and expenses. Mr. Prosser has received the following academic degrees: B.S., University of Tennessee and M.B.A., University of Georgia. Along with this academic background, Mr. Prosser passed the CPA exam in March 1989.

Lawrence R. Kwasny, ARM

Senior Vice President & Director of Business Development

Lawrence Kwasny, Stuart Maue’s Senior Vice President & Director of Business Development, is a retired executive who served as an effectual leader and entrepreneur with a proven ability to assist organizations in controlling legal expense. He was a founder of one of the earliest created legal cost containment companies, Legalgard Inc. At Legalgard, Larry filled numerous roles including serving on the board and heading up all internal operations that included managing the various audit units. In addition, he authored a number of litigation management guidelines now utilized by various organizations. He pioneered utilizing technology to streamline the legal audit process from a manual bill review. Legalgard was eventually sold to Policy Management Systems Corporation, and Mr. Kwasny remained with the company to bolster sales and operations. He also developed various pricing models in order for products and services to be accepted by a highly competitive international marketplace.

He has participated in numerous industry events, serving as a panelist in various roundtables and as a main stage speaker discussing litigation management (RIMS, ACE, Council for Litigation Management, American Council of Bankruptcy Trustees).

Mr. Kwasny began his career with the Hartford Insurance Company as a Claim Representative working his way up to a Claim Manager. He later became a Claim Manager and Insurance Manager for Aramark, a global service organization where he gained a wealth of Risk Management experience.

Larry has received the following degree: B.S., Insurance & Real Estate-Pennsylvania State University. He has the ARM designation from the Insurance College of America and is a Fellow in the Council for Litigation Management where he currently serves as an instructor for courses related to Litigation Management.

Patricia A. Stallings

Vice President & Director of Human Resources

Patricia Stallings, Stuart Maue’s Vice President & Director of Human Resources, has over 20 years of business experience in the travel industry including the management of a travel agency. She has been with the company since 2006 and has gained increasing managerial responsibility in the areas of data entry and integrity, research and development of document scanning technology, and word processing. Currently, she handles all accounts receivables and serves as the backup for the CFO in his absence. Her additional responsibilities include all human resource management and employee benefits. Patricia has received the following degrees: A.A. and B.S., Accounting with a minor in Human Resources from Upper Iowa University.

W. Patrick Grote

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Grote, Stuart Maue’s Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, focuses on ensuring data integrity, application solutions, and system availability. With over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry, Mr. Grote has focused on achieving enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as Citi, Verizon, and Graybar. Author of several technology books, Mr. Grote works to ensure client needs are exceeded through the use of technology solutions.

Steven H. Leyton, J.D.

General Counsel

Steven Leyton, Stuart Maue’s General Counsel, has served as General Counsel since 1987 and is a partner in the law firm of Stone, Leyton and Gershman. Prior to establishing his own law firm, Mr. Leyton was a partner at Popkin Stern. Mr. Leyton has received the following degrees: B.S., George Washington University and J.D., George Washington University.

Dr. Robin J. Hooper, FCIS, FRSA

Director of International Operations

Dr. Robin J. Hooper, FCIS, FRSA, has been appointed as the Director of International Operations for Stuart Maue. He will manage the Shrewsbury office in England. Dr. Hooper has been affiliated with Stuart Maue for over 15 years. He has worked with a number of nationally known companies including BT, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Lloyds across the U.K. on major development and other projects. Employed mainly as Chief Executives of Councils across the UK, he has been involved with implementing business transformation projects, corporate and individual recovery situations, and has advised national and local clients on many legal projects when he served as a director of a top fifty national law firm. He is a Solicitor, a Fellow of the Institute of Secretaries and Administrators, holds a Master’s Degree in European and Employment Law, and a Doctorate in Business Administration.