Bankruptcy Services

Accurate and Professional Bankruptcy Fee Examination Services

Today, a large-scale bankruptcy can generate millions of dollars in legal fees and expenses from debtors’ and the committee’s UCC counsel, financial advisors, and other retained case professionals involved in the proceeding. When the US bankruptcy courts look to a fee examiner to review and monitor professional fees, they look to Stuart Maue. As a leader in the industry, Stuart Maue has participated in some of the most complex, high-profile Chapter 11 cases (bankruptcy mega-cases).

What Services Does Stuart Maue Offer as a Fee Examiner?

In the role of Fee Examiner, Stuart Maue analyzes fee applications (including the underlying fee and expense details) filed by case professionals. Our review includes identifying and quantifying time entries and costs that do not comply with the local rules, United States Trustee Guidelines, US Bankruptcy Code, legal precedent, other standards in the industry, or orders from the court.

We provide:

  • analysis of legal fee applications submitted by case professionals (i.e., debtors’/committee’s counsel, financial advisors, restructuring professionals, special counsel, investment bankers, ordinary course professionals when relevant, and any other case professionals retained by the debtor) to identify and quantify potentially unreasonable or unnecessary fees and costs.
  • preparation of comprehensive reports and exhibits regarding our findings.
  • negotiation and/or resolution of fee and expense issues with case professionals.
  • testimony regarding our analysis and final reports at fee hearings (if requested).

Why Select Stuart Maue as Your Fee Examiner?

Stuart Maue delivers the professionalism required in a fee examiner along with the combination of experience and expertise demanded by the industry.

Stuart Maue Provides Our Bankruptcy Clients with:


Stuart Maue delivers a preliminary and final report. These professional reports include a summary of findings and category reports, and when necessary, we develop customizable exhibits to illustrate a comprehensive view of fees and expenses.

Extensive experience

Stuart Maue is a leader in the industry and has experience as a court-appointed fee examiner and/or auditor since 1992. We have been involved in some of the most high-profile cases in the United States.

Ability to account for allocation

We have the experience necessary to allocate fees to the proper debtor/non-debtor entities or to separate portions of the Chapter 11 case or related adversary proceedings.

Expertise in the industry

Stuart Maue’s fee auditors are licensed attorneys with direct bankruptcy practice experience. This allows us to better evaluate the fee requests made by case professionals.

Experience auditing top-tier international professionals

We have and continue to audit and professionally work with top US firms (i.e., law firms, financial advisors, restructuring professionals, and investment bankers).

Ability to audit substantial fees

We have been appointed in bankruptcy cases where the fees have exceeded $220 million (“mega” bankruptcy cases), while maintaining a timely fee hearing schedule.

Rapid turnaround

Stuart Maue has the ability to handle aggressive deadlines. In past cases, we have completed a full audit and report of numerous professionals where fees exceeded $60 million all within a 6-week deadline.

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