Bankruptcy FAQ

Does Stuart Maue have the ability to account for allocations?

Yes. We have the experience necessary to allocate fees to the proper debtor/non-debtor entities or to separate portions of the Chapter 11 case or related adversary proceedings.

What are some examples of the bankruptcy cases where Stuart Maue has been appointed as a fee examiner?

Please see our experience in bankruptcy cases.

What services does Stuart Maue offer as a fee examiner?

In the role of Fee Examiner, Stuart Maue analyzes fee applications (including the underlying fee and expense details) filed by case professionals.

Does Stuart Maue have the ability to review substantial fees?

We have been appointed in bankruptcy cases where the fees have exceeded $220 million (“mega” bankruptcy cases), while maintaining a timely fee hearing schedule.

Can Stuart Maue handle rapid turnarounds?

Stuart Maue has the ability to handle aggressive deadlines. In past cases, we have completed a full audit and report of numerous professionals where fees exceeded $60 million all within a 6-week deadline.