Legal Spend Management Services

Gain Control Over Your Legal Spend with Stuart Maue

Today, more than ever, organizations are under pressure to reduce legal spending and increase profitability. Stuart Maue offers a legal bill review solution designed to assist organizations in controlling their legal cost while gaining a more accurate picture of where and how their dollars are being spent. With Stuart Maue’s legal bill review program, our clients receive the most comprehensive legal cost review services in the industry.

What is a Stuart Maue Legal Spend Management Program?

A Stuart Maue legal cost management program begins and ends with our commitment to service. We will work with you to design a program to meet your specific needs, but most clients are interested in reducing legal spend, streamlining processes internally and with law firms, and gaining vital insights into legal spend for better decision making.

Although each client is unique, many clients build programs around the following:

Billing Guideline Review

Stuart Maue will assist clients in creating billing guidelines or we can review current guidelines and make suggestions based on best practices.

Electronic Invoice Review

Stuart Maue allows law firms to upload their invoices through our law firm application. At this point, the invoices are given an initial review for mathematical errors, unauthorized timekeepers and rates, and matter or claim verification.

Attorney and Accountant Review

Next, our attorneys and accountants review each fee and expense entry, respectively, to determine line items that are non-compliant with your billing guidelines. Once the attorney and accountant review is complete, the invoice is made available on our web-based portal for the client to review the analysis, make changes, and approve or reject payment through the portal.


Stuart Maue offers a robust and highly customizable budgeting tool for law firms and clients.

Analytics and Reporting

Included in our legal spend management program is our analytics and reporting capability. We provide you with the instant insight you need to solve even your most pressing issues quickly and accurately.

Why Stuart Maue

Time savings

With the legal bill review program offered by Stuart Maue, the client has the peace of mind in knowing that an experienced attorney, dedicated to the program, will perform a detailed analysis of the invoices. Confident in the accuracy of the analysis, your staff has more time to dedicate to other duties such as managing cases and outside counsel.

Access to advanced analytics and reporting

We can assist in-house counsel and executive management in being proactive with the evaluation of their legal spend.

A stress-free, no-cost solution for law firms and vendors

With the legal bill review process, Stuart Maue provides your law firms and vendors with access to our web-based electronic billing application at no additional cost. Firms may upload their invoices in a secure manner over the internet. In addition, if a law firm or vendor has any questions regarding the invoice upload process, our customer service department is available to assist the firms Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central time.

Legal Cost Management Experience

Stuart Maue has legal bill review clients around the country that range from small to large organizations. We serve clients in various industries such as: Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, and Information Technology.

For more information about how Stuart Maue’s Legal Spend Management Services can help you, call us at: 1-800-291-9940 or e-mail us at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)