Vendor Management Services FAQ

What types of items are identified in supplier contract and invoice review?

Some of the items commonly identified in a vendor audit are:

  • duplicate activities
  • contract/engagement non-compliance
  • duplicate payments
  • overpayments
  • pricing issues
  • open credits
  • rebates and allowances

How do you report on your findings?

Stuart Maue produces a detailed report with exhibits.

Can I audit vendors on a one-time basis or do I need to establish a program for all vendors?

You can do both, as we are flexible to meet your specific needs.

How long does it take to implement a program?

Almost instantly; there is no need to license any software. We handle the scope of the project by meeting with your team and establishing the guidelines, workflow, and reporting mechanisms.

How much does a vendor audit cost?

Since our audits are customized to the client, our pricing varies depending on the request. Most supplier reviews are priced on a flat fee basis, an hourly rate, or as a percentage of fees and expenses reviewed.

What type of experience do your auditors have with supplier audits?

Our team of highly skilled auditors has experience in auditing many types of corporations. A Stuart Maue vendor management program offers a team approach. Our audit group consists of attorneys, accountants, and claims personnel. Combining these disciplines gives you a comprehensive review program.